We’re incredibly excited to celebrate the opening of our LX.lab Media Space. Located in Building 3, these studios provide an excellent range of options for creating and customising your video content. 

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a limited number of sessions for subject coordinators to record welcome videos for the start of Spring session. While you’ll be able to record your welcome videos at any time in our Media Space, for this two-week block we are providing extra support to get your welcome video edited and polished, ready to be used in your Canvas subject site.  

What’s a welcome video? 

Welcome videos are a great way to introduce yourself and your subject to students at the start of session. In a few short minutes, you can help students get acquainted with you, their new teacher, and the content they’ll be studying. Welcome videos are helpful for breaking the ice, setting expectations, and getting students engaged and excited. So if you’d like to take this opportunity to get into our new space early, here’s what you’ll need to do: 

1. Book in for your recording session 

Log a Media Production ticket via lxlabservices.uts.edu.au and select the option: I would like to Book a LX.lab Media Space. Please ensure you add ‘Welcome Video Express’ in your ticket description and list your ideal date and time. Our video producers will get in touch with you to confirm your booking, or organise an alternate date and time if your nominated slot is already booked. Our special 30-minute recording sessions run from Monday 4 July until Friday 15 July, 10am-4pm each day.

Note: For our half hour recording sessions, we recommend only filming one or two welcome videos, at most. If you have more than one subject to film a welcome video for, let our media team know when you log your ticket to book, and we can discuss arranging a longer session for you. 

2. Write your script and practice 

Practice and preparation are the best way to ensure a smooth recording process and a result you’re happy with. Think about what you’d like to say to your students, then write up your script to display on the teleprompter when filming. Practice saying it aloud, and run a timer while you’re practicing so you can make sure your video isn’t running too long (3 minutes or less is perfect). Revise, refine, and when you get to the studio you’ll be ready to record.  

If you would like to include any images or slides in your welcome video, please limit these to 5 slides or less. Slides also means we’ll need two versions of your script – one version with text for the teleprompter, and another separate document clearly indicating how you would like the slides to be used.  

3. Record your welcome video

After you’ve written and practiced your script, you’ll be ready to record.  

Our friendly team will meet you at the studio before recording starts to help you prepare. We’ll run through the setup with you, and help you to ‘warm up’ before the recording starts. Then all that’s left is to record the video.  

Note: On the day of your session, try to avoid wearing clothing that has thin patterns or stripes, as they can become distorted in the recorded video.  

4. Receive your welcome video

After you’ve finished recording, our Media Team will complete your final editing. It will take the team around two weeks to finish your video, then it’ll be sent to you before the start of Spring session to upload to your Canvas site, giving your students a great introduction to your subject.  

Using the LX.lab Media Space 

All LX.lab Media Space services, including our Welcome Video Express, can be booked by logging a ticket with the Media Team (select the Media Production tile).  

The LX.lab Media Space offers a variety of solutions for your media needs. While these sessions are part of our launch, you’ll still be able to record your welcome videos afterwards, however, recording and editing support will be subject to the team’s availability.

Check out our online tour to learn more about what you can do in the LX.lab Media Space and get in touch with us with any enquiries about recording videos in the space. 

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