Rushing to make sure you have everything ready for the start of teaching session?  We’ve collated some of the key services that are available in the LX.lab and beyond to help you get a smooth start to the Spring session.

Extended on-campus support…

The LX.lab is extending face-to-face services in the lead-up to O-day. During 18-22 July, anytime between 10am and 4pm, academics can visit the LX.lab for hands-on consultation support using Canvas and all other supported learning technologies. To secure a time, log a ticket to the LX.lab via ServiceConnect.

…and continuing online support

Not on campus? Not a problem! The LX.lab also offer remote support via live chat and ServiceConnect from 10am to 4pm. For general questions about services and events, please contact the LX.lab via the live chat at for instant assistance. If you need to book a one-on-one remote consultation or just need written instructions, submit a ServiceConnect ticket and select the ‘LX.lab Support’ form. And don’t forget too check our online resources, as the answer to your questions may already be covered here.

Record your welcome video in our new media studios

Want to record a professional-looking welcome video? There’s still time! Until July 15th, you can book a 30-minute recording session in LX.lab Media Space as part of the Welcome Video Express. For any other educational media and video support, submit a ticket via the Media Support tile and our expert media team will be in contact with you.

Assistance from the UTS Library

UTS Library can help you with: 

Patrick Tooth from the Library recently posted a trio of blogs that summarise some of the FAQs people ask when it comes to copyright:

Chat to a librarian for instant support getting ready for the Spring teaching session.

Get up to speed with a Microsoft Teams update

A new process is being implemented to provision MS Teams sites for teaching ready for Spring session. You will now be able to create a MS Teams page directly from your subject’s Canvas site, and students enrolled in the Canvas subject will automatically be enrolled in the MS Teams site. If subject coordinators require private channels for each tutorial, then the LX.lab can also assist with this process. For more information, see the Set up a Microsoft Teams site for teaching resource. This new process starts July 25th.

Hit your stride this Spring

Before subjects go live to Spring students on Monday 25th July, make sure your Canvas site is ready to go and up-to-date. Here are some easy steps to get you on your way:

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