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Interested in joining a series of workshops at the LX.lab on sustainability and climate action? Want to participate in discussions between staff and students about integrating sustainability into learning and teaching at UTS? Read on to find out what we have planned and how you can get involved.

Sustainability and the LX.lab

Over the last two years, we have published some blog posts to demonstrate how sustainability fits into learning and teaching at UTS. You can read them by clicking on the links below:

This year between September and November, in collaboration with SASS and FESS, we’re hosting a series of on-campus workshops dedicated to exploring sustainability and climate action. If you’re interested in these topics and think you might like to be involved, add your details to our form to express your interest.

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The exact dates and details of each workshop are in the works, but so far we are planning for three parts:

  1. Awareness – Climate fresk
  2. Action and Industry
  3. Practise – Subject material co-design

Part 1: Awareness – climate fresk

The first workshop in September is based on a shorter 1.5hr version of the internationally acclaimed Climate Fresk science-based collaborative workshop and card game.

This workshop will be facilitated by UTS students and is primarily about education and exploring the IPCC data. Participants create a collage out of 42 cards to demonstrate the network of factors that contribute to our climate crisis and what the potential impacts could be. It’s a great way to get clarity on the science and collective problem solving.

Part 2: Action and industry

Continuing the Climate Fresk theme, during October we’ll take a deeper dive into the individual and collective sustainable actions that can mitigate the effects of climate crisis. With the help of UTS student facilitators, we will then look at how sustainability and climate is articulated in our respective industries. How much is actual action and how much is simply greenwashing? What are obstacles to corporate sustainability? How can we prepare students for a new era or work where sustainability is a core requirement?

Read Enough: A review of corporate sustainability, in a world running out of time for a primer of what is at stake.

Part 3: Practise – subject material co-design

In this third and final workshop, we build on the career angle to think about how each discipline responds to climate change and sustainability needs. Students and staff will work together on how to prepare students for work.  We’ll explore the practical application of ideas to support staff to embed sustainability into their teaching. This will include immediate student feedback on what we develop and an opportunity to build bridges between subject areas.

Get involved

The opportunity to participate in or facilitate these workshops is open to both students and staff. Fill out our expression of interest form, and we’ll be in touch soon with more information.

Feature image by Rémi Walle.

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