On Tuesday November 1st, we hosted our final community of practice for 2022. It was an incredibly engaging and diverse set of presentations covering topics such as virtual study trips, 360 photos, H5P, Kaltura and accessibility principals. As always, we’ve got the recordings and a quick recap for anyone who missed out. 

Creating a Virtual Study Trip with 360 Photos and H5P

We began with a particularly exciting presentation from lecturer Beate Mueller, who created a virtual study trip using 360 photos and H5P. Beate took on this challenge as a way to include students who couldn’t attend an actual study trip. As you’ll see in the video below, the results are rather engaging. Embedded into her Canvas subject is a H5P module where students can explore a local area using 360 photos. It is also a branching scenario, where users can choose where to go and view audio and video files at particular locations.

Beate achieved this by getting in touch with the LX.lab and took a 360 camera out on loan. You can also do so by submitting a service connect ticket with the LX.lab Media Team. You can also view other other media equipment available via on our rental service.

RIP outdated Kaltura videos

Up next was a public service announcement from Jero Gonzalez Latourrette from the LX.lab. Jero focused on a new tool has been implemented so that Kaltura videos that haven’t been watched in more than three years are automatically deleted. For more information on opting out, how to download your videos before they get deleted and more, be sure to take a look at this blog regarding the same subject.

3 ways to improve video accessibility 

Last but not least was the LX.Lab Inclusivity Team‘s Ashley Wilcox with some quick and easy tips on video accessibility. Many of these principals are transferable and can be applied in Zoom meetings, PowerPoints and more. 

For more information on accessibility with media at UTS, be sure to read our Kaltura captioning guide and this resource about professional captions for pre-recorded videos.

Well that’s it for the 2022 UTS Video Meetups! As always, we would like to thank our speakers for sharing their knowledge, as well as everyone who attended the events. We’ve already begun our plans to expand further in 2023. Be sure to save the date by registering for our next event in February!

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