On Tuesday February 7, we kicked off 2023 with our first community of practice for educational video with two fantastic presenters. We covered topics including a wonderful showcase of our Desktop Studio in action, as well as an interesting classroom activity.

As always, we’ve got the recordings and a quick recap for anyone who missed out. 

Teaching Material Creative Practice with LX.lab Desktop Studio and OBS

We began with animation lecturer Patrick Grant and a showcase of the LX.lab Desktop Studio. Pat has been experimenting with the Desktop Studio as a way to do drawing demonstrations for his students, as well as OBS. At the start of the video, Pat mentions he was inspired by The Coding Train. To see more of Pat’s artwork, check out his his website and Instagram.

Watch Party: a way to boost student engagement with your video lectures

Next up was Andrew Francois from the LX.lab. Andrew discussed doing watch parties with students as a classroom exercise. For more information be sure to read this blog on watch parties or check out our resources on creating and managing videos. During Andrew’s presentation, he also references Watch Party Lectures: Synchronous Delivery of Asynchronous Material and Watch-Parties: An Engaging Remote Teaching Strategy.

Well that’s it for this UTS Video Meet-up! As always, we would like to thank our speakers for sharing their knowledge, as well as everyone who attended the events. Be sure to save the date by registering for our next event in May!

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