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The UTS Chaplaincy approach to pastoral care

By Joanna Thyer,

Joanna Thyer discusses the role of University Chaplains and pastoral support in a post-pandemic world.

Losing our religion? Or just changing how we do faith?

By Joanna Thyer,

What does faith look like for university students today?

Calm your brain and soothe your soul: the power of meditation

By Joanna Thyer,

Meditation can increase concentration and decrease stress. Read on for details on meditation sessions at UTS.

Meet…the UTS Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

By Joanna Thyer,

At UTS, we believe in providing a welcome environment for all students and staff. That’s why UTS Multi-Faith chaplaincy has chaplains available in a range of major faiths, including Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Uniting Church, Jewish, Seventh Day Adventist, Buddhist and Hindu.

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