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Having trouble with hosting a Zoom meeting? Here’s the fix!

By LX Team,

When using Zoom, some UTS staff or students are seeing a message saying Waiting for Host, when the host has already started the session - here's our troubleshooting tip.

The LX.lab is now online and ready to help you

By LX Team,

From Monday 23rd March, the LX.lab will be operating fully online, with all face-to-face consultations replaced by Zoom meetings.

Event recap: engaging your students using Microsoft Teams

By LX Team,

If you missed our Microsoft Teams event, you can watch the stream here.

Are you Zoom ready?

By LX Team,

Zoom video conferencing is a helpful teaching tool if students or staff are off campus - read our basic guide to this UTS video conferencing platform.

What’s new in the Coronavirus Toolkit for Teaching?

By LX Team,

To keep up with changes that the challenge of responding to COVID-19 brings, we are updating this toolkit regularly – here are some of the key updates for you to be aware of.

Creating community and connection for students affected by the travel restrictions

By LX Team,

Although students may be unable to travel to Australia to participate in on-campus classes, they can still be made to feel like valued members of the UTS community.

Building Interactive Content – it’s as easy as H5P

By LX Team,

Introducing H5P, a completely web-based authoring tool that allows you to build, share and publish a wide range of interactive components in your Canvas subject site.

Help is on the way! Bookings now open for Canvas Lab

By LX Team,

With Autumn session just around the corner, we are extending our support hours so we can help all teaching staff who are starting with Canvas ensure that their subject site is good to go. Even if you’re not using Canvas yet, we’ll be assisting with a wide range of...

Transformation: how it’s making a difference

By LX Team,

This year, we embarked on one of our biggest learning and teaching programs at UTS with the LX Transformation. Our move to Canvas, starting with postgraduate courses, is an opportunity to match our digital environment to the campus experience, as well as an opportunity to transform the student experience...

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