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From understanding millennials to what to do if noone attends your lecture

By Allison Glavin,

Alex Belli and Amanda White on what to expect at the upcoming UTS Teaching & Learning Forum.

Shake up the system to achieve diversity and inclusion

By Laura Oxley,

A speech given by Dr Willa Huston, UTS Faculty of Science, at the launch of the Leaders in their Field publication and announcement of the new UTS employment target of 40% academic women in STEMM by 2022.

Making learning accountable

By Simon Knight,

This post is part two of two, on approaches used in Arguments, Evidence, and Intuition to provide opportunities for practice and formative feedback to students in the run up to a larger written assignment.

First Year Experience Forum recap: September 2018

By Amanda White,

Check out these fantastic tools and activities to support learning in large classes.

4 ways to build data curiosity

By Simon Knight,

Data is increasingly around us, in how we understand our elections, meet our partners, engage with our students and are evaluated in our jobs. But what does it mean to be data literate? And why is it important?

How the UTS Sport and Exercise Science team is hitting it for six

By Anna Stack,

A look at what has been happening in the new headquarters of the UTS Sport and Exercise Science team at the Moore Park Precinct.

Redefining who belongs in Engineering

By Anne Gardner,

Myths and truths of what kinds of students can be found in engineering, and what's being done to increase diversity in the field.

Why empathy, communication and support are key to helping your students

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Understanding how your students feel is the first step to helping them feel comfortable and welcome in your learning environment.

Embedding the Indigenous Graduate Attribute in Global Cinema

By Sarah Attfield,

There are so many ways to consider the Indigenous Graduate Attribute when designing your subject. Here's how it worked in Global Cinema...

5 Questions with Tracy Levett-Jones

By Futures Team,

Tracy Levett-Jones, Professor of Nursing Education at UTS, talks teaching and her upcoming empathy project.

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