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Come to the 2017 UTS Teaching and Learning Forum

By Adam Morgan,

The annual forum is back this November...

Digital Literacy made easy with the Library’s Tinker Kits

By Alycia Bailey,

The UTS Library Tinker Kits empower students to design and prototype projects, learn coding and computational thinking skills as well as build softer skills such as problem-solving, creativity and communication. Little Bits Use these snap together magnetic modules to create imaginative circuits. You can use these circuits to compose...

Learning to be transdisciplinary researchers

By Chris Riedy,

How can we best teach emerging researchers how to do transdisciplinary research?

Authentic Learning Experiences

By Jurgen Schulte,

A UTS School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences subject joins forces with UTS ePRESS, UTS Library, UTS IML and UTS Printing Services to produce an exciting authentic assessment task of immediate and long-lasting value.

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