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How to create ‘camera facing’ video

By Emily Quinn Smyth,

Get the tips on how to create camera facing videos here

Come visit Play Day @UTSLibrary!

By Jemima McDonald,

The annual UTS Library Play Day is taking place next week and it will be packed with fun, learning and friendship.

Demystifying OPELA

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

All faculties are running the OPELA task, but why? What does it do?

Just landed: the new learning.futures Academic Hub

By Shirley Alexander,

We're excited to announce the opening of the new learning.futures Academic Hub!

Last chance to register for Teaching for learning.futures!

By Futures Team,

There are just a few spaces left in the brand new UTS Teaching for learning.futures program. Not convinced it's for you? Listen to what the program's convenor has to say.

Assessment thoughts from a blue-sky day with elephants

By Elaine Huber,

If you had the opportunity to totally rethink your assessment practice, what would that look like?

What is “scaffolding” and how can you use it to support the development of your students’ communication skills?

By Susan Hoadley,

People talk about providing scaffolding for assignments but what does it look like and how does it support the development of communication skills?

5 questions for…Jane Hunter

By Jane Hunter,

The best advice for teaching I’ve ever received is...

Pokémon GO anyone?

By Wenes Gunawan,

Last July the Augmented Reality (AR) game “Pokémon GO” had millions of people around the world accidentally exercising from catching Pokémons (pocket monsters). Could you incorporate AR into your active learning design?

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