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Skills of the future: soft skills video series

By Lan Snell,

New videos will support your students to develop the skills of the future.

Breaking barriers: Emily Quinn Smyth and Dr Andy Leigh on Auslan, communication and science

By Rhiannon Hall,

For Emily Quinn Smyth, a eureka moment on a field trip for an undergraduate subject led her to an important research question - the lack of scientific vocabulary in Australian sign language, or Auslan.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Showcase 2017

By Futures Team,

​UTS has been making great strides towards transforming learning and teaching. The Vice-Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Showcase is an opportunity to celebrate successes within the UTS Community.

How Creativity and Complexity combines fashion and transdisciplinary learning

By Melissa Edwards,

This post is a collaboration between Dr Melissa Edwards and Mark Liu, who designed the program for the subject Creativity and Complexity. Read on to find out why students described the subject as 'challenging, but rewarding'.

5 questions with…Jenna Price

By Jenna Price,

If I could wave a magic wand?

Making friends with copyright: three things to remember for your learning and teaching

By Futures Team,

Copyright can be a murky, confusing area to wade into when it comes to learning and teaching. Here's a beginner's guide to understanding how to navigate it!

UTS’ Most-Watched: Our Lynda.com Top 10

By Futures Team,

The most-watched Lynda.com courses at UTS, for students and staff, are...

Reduce cheating on online quizzes with randomisation

By Phillip Mills,

It's relatively easy to cheat on online quizzes. Introducing randomisation can make it much harder.

Top 5 tips for using MOOCs in learning and teaching

By Adrian Norman,

MOOCs are free online courses on a wide range of subjects provided by established universities from all over the world. Read on to find out you can use them to support your teaching at UTS.

Our recipe for social media success

By Amanda Sampol,

We were asked to create a social media guide for unfamiliar users, and thought to ourselves what better way to showcase this than through an infographic? However we didn’t want to create just any infographic... Co-authored by Amanda Sampol and Phoebe Huang.

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