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Begin as you mean to go on: file naming conventions

By Alexander White,

Do you have a consistent file naming system for your subject site? Moira Scerri does!

Let’s discuss: how 4 academics increased student engagement on discussion forums

By Shakuntla Singh,

Discover how to use discussion forums to stimulate student thinking and participation during remote teaching.

How to write online exam questions

By Peter Kandlbinder,

Tips for writing fair and equitable exam questions to provide meaningful, practice-oriented tasks for students

Introducing first years to MS Teams

By Alexander White,

Starting university is an overwhelming prospect at the best of times. Amara Atif takes care to support students as they acclimatise to learning online.

Open Educational Resources: disruptive times encourage disruptive solutions

By Janet Chelliah,

Due to remote learning, the issue of access to resources has become more critical, stimulating new initiatives and collaborations in OER.

Zoom Ghost Busting

By James Wakefield,

Ever experienced an eerie feeling, like something, or someone, is there even though you can't see them or hear them?

Do I really need to put my exam online?

By Peter Kandlbinder,

What are the online alternatives to assessing your students in examinations? Follow our interactive guide for the answers!

Internships and Covid-19

By Franziska Trede,

How has COVID-19 impacted on work-integrated learning and internships at UTS?

Approaches for Teaching with Technology: a new collection of practical resources

By Suman Laudari,

The first in a series of activities and ideas to inspire academics to engage your students, wherever they are.

Learning about group work

By Andrew Francois,

It is a shared responsibility for both teachers and learners to make group work effective. Group work skills should not be assumed and need to be taught if students are to be work ready. Being an effective team member and collaborator is an important professional and personal attribute.

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