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Comfort in the environment: accessibility and mental health

By Sarah Houbolt,

How do we talk about access requirements for mental health, and why is this important?

Group work enhances the student experience

By Andrew Francois,

Often maligned by students, group work has been perceived as a lazy approach to teaching, a cheap alternative to individual instruction. This is far from the truth.

Do you know what they don’t know? Item Analysis could tell you

By Phillip Mills,

Raw marks and descriptive statistics are poor guides to what students do and don’t understand in a quiz. Item analysis helps you dive deeper and discover which questions students struggle with.

4 tools students can use for group assessments

By Amanda Sampol,

On average, how many emails do you get from students complaining about group work? How much time do you spend dealing with issues of student collaboration, accountability and time management? If this sounds familiar, you should try introducing students to collaborative platforms for their group assessments.

Contract cheating and the search for a silver bullet solution

By Phillip Mills,

A recent seminar at UTS revealed that assessment design is part of the solution to contract cheating.

Reduce cheating on online quizzes with randomisation

By Phillip Mills,

It's relatively easy to cheat on online quizzes. Introducing randomisation can make it much harder.

REVIEW Vs Turnitin – which is for you?

By Oliver Coady,

Two systems developed for assessment and feedback. Both with pros and cons. Let's weigh up in Round 1 of REVIEW Vs Turnitin: Assessment.

Tools to share data and real world data stories with students – Part Two

By Simon Knight,

More on some handy tools for data management in your subject...

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