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What does authentic assessment mean to you?

By Sylvia Singh,

Amara Atif and Sylvia Singh discuss authentic assessment, and how to make it meaningful for students.

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Zee Opperman and the Great Tower Elevator

By Phil Betts,

Assessment design that's outside the square, inside a box...

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Authentic Learning Experiences

By Jurgen Schulte,

A UTS School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences subject joins forces with UTS ePRESS, UTS Library, UTS IML and UTS Printing Services to produce an exciting authentic assessment task of immediate and long-lasting value.

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A digital experience: why industry excursions encourage authentic learning

By Natalie Krikowa,

A key challenge I face in the classroom is how to communicate to students that what they are learning has real world industry applications. Sometimes showing them can be far more beneficial than telling them.

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