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‘Real-world’ learning in Sports Management with Dr Nico Schulenkorf, Learning and Teaching Citation winner

By Rhiannon Hall,

Dr Nico Schulenkorf has some interesting thoughts on approaches and challenges in learning and teaching for today's classroom...

Dr Yvonne Davila and Neela Griffiths, learning.futures award winners

By Rhiannon Hall,

Dr Yvonne Davila and Neela Griffiths chat to us about their learning.futures award, memorable learning and teaching moments, and more...

The Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Showcase 2017

By Futures Team,

​UTS has been making great strides towards transforming learning and teaching. The Vice-Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Showcase is an opportunity to celebrate successes within the UTS Community.

Creativity and innovation in teaching: an interview with the award winning UTS Midwifery team

By Rhiannon Hall,

The UTS Midwifery team share their multi-faceted strategy for classroom success and student engagement.

An interview with UTS Teaching and Learning Award winner, Dr Ilaria Vanni Accarigi

By Rhiannon Hall,

Talking digital media, innovation and intercultural learning with the winner of the Strengthening the UTS Model of Learning award.

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