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Heavens to Bettsy, Vol 1: CASS and CIS

By Phil Betts,

What's the difference between CIS and CASS? Our resident Agony Uncle Phil Betts(y) spills the tea.

Futures blog

Autumn session prep: get your subject outline ready with CIS training videos and sessions

By Laura Carmody,

If you're busy preparing your subject outline for Autumn session, why not make the process a little smoother with this suite of videos which answer the most common questions, or book a training session?

Futures blog

Update: Linking of Subject Outlines to UTSOnline Subjects

By Conrad Frankland,

For several years now, you’ve been requesting automated linking from CIS subject outlines to UTSOnline sites. You’ll be pleased to know that this will be available from Spring 2017. This involves changes in both CIS and UTSOnline.

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