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From consultation to collaboration: situating co-design in practice

By Bridget Malcolm,

Bridget Malcolm and Lindsay Asquith (DAB) look at how we can situate co-design among the many types of design in practice.

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A co-design process for learning innovations

By Mais Fatayer,

Elaine Huber shares her experiences of co-designing with a large team on the 'Connected Learning at Scale' project.

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Are you feeling it? Building empathy in co-design

By Christina Brauer,

Emily Oquist explores how we can create strong design relationships that help to produce engaging learning experiences.

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What does co-design really mean?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Designer and design educator KA McKercher explored how we think about 'co-design' in a recent Learning Design Meet-up.

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How can we bring better co-design into our Learning Design practice?

By Lucy Blakemore,

If you need to solve complex problems with others, explore some perspectives on bringing co-design into your work.

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Master of High Performance Sport: 4 key elements for successful co-design

By Michelle Hrlec,

This online course from the Faculty of Health is a prime example of successful co-design between a learning design team and academics.

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Students as co-designers in the LXT

By Franziska Trede,

Engaging students as partners is a powerful idea, the implementation of which has the potential to transform HE. (Healey, Flint & Harrington, 2016) The LX Transformation project at UTS has grown out of the move to the Canvas learning management system. To enrich the process, the Faculty of Engineering...

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Co-design: why local government matters

By Carmen Vallis,

Co-design: what better way to create learning experiences?

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Tackling complexity through co-design and ‘making’ the future of genetics education

By Alison McEwen,

How do you start to design a new curriculum for a profession that is rapidly changing and how does the changing nature of the way we work impact on curriculum development?

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