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Navigating the generative AI frontier: FEIT academics innovating assessment

By Simon Ross,

How Adrian Kelly and Jianchun Li empower their students for ethical and effective engagement with GenAI.

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Charting new territories: generative AI in Civil Engineering Education

By Behzad Fatahi,

Behzad Fatahi and Roger Hadgraft on their approach to engaging Civil Engineering students with GenAI.

Futures blog

Shaping the dialogue with GenAI: FFYE Forum reflections

By Jenny Wallace,

Are we teaching students to comply with the status quo, or challenge it? Exploring evaluative judgement at the FFYE Forum.

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How DAB academics are exploring visual GenAI as a catalyst for creativity

By Alexander Rigg,

How can we 'take the aura away' from GenAI? Alex Rigg presents case studies from DAB academics using image-generating AI tools.

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Look toward the future at AI x L&T Week

By LX Team,

Come along to AI x L&T Week, Monday 31 July – Friday 4 August.

Futures blog

GenAI in teaching and learning for Spring session

By LX Team,

An update on GenAI at UTS, including adapting learning materials, talking to your students about AI and finding resources.

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