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The Animal Logic Academy: preparing graduates for large-scale, collaborative projects

By Ian Thomson,

Ian Thomson explains how the Animal Logic Academy ensures animation students can make it big in large production studios.

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Best laid plans: adapting industry feedback for an evolving profession

By Gabriela Quintana Vigiola,

Insights into how industry supports and engages in feedback processes with students in the Master of Urban Planning.

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Stories from the round table: student industry insights for a prosperous future

By Chris Girdler,

Three engineering students from UTS profile industries that are considered important for a strategic and successful Australia-US relationship.

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Balancing learning outcomes in partner projects: lessons from Innovation Labs

Work-integrated learning needs to balance the needs of both students and industry partners. Add remote work and learning environments, and the challenge is on!

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10 steps to get the most value out of guest speakers in an online subject

By Paul Burke,

Paul Burke tells us his top tips for maximising the value of guest speakers and industry partners.

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Key Technology Partnership in Teaching Excellence

By Jurgen Schulte,

Learn about the authentic, practical learning experience that UTS is sharing with international partners...

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A digital experience: why industry excursions encourage authentic learning

By Natalie Krikowa,

A key challenge I face in the classroom is how to communicate to students that what they are learning has real world industry applications. Sometimes showing them can be far more beneficial than telling them.

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