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Reflections on access from the UTS Law Students’ Society: Accessibility In Legal Workplaces Panel

By Patrisha Domingo,

When diversity in our future workplaces is envisioned, environments inclusive of disability and different access requirements often get pushed behind for diversity in areas such as age, gender and race. Despite disability intersecting with every community, when spaces such as workplaces aren't made physically and socially accessible, they exclude...

Law of the Sea: a chat with Dr David Leary

By Philip Betts,

David Leary takes us through the basics of his subject, Law of the Sea.

5 Questions with…Jackie Jones, Clinical Practitioner in Law

By Jacqueline Jones,

The trickiest thing about teaching in my discipline area is...

5 Questions with…Professor Katherine Biber

By Katherine Biber,

How has learning and teaching changed since my student days?

Geraniums and Contract Law: learning by storytelling

By Lucy Arthur,

Think of a discipline area where creative writing and storytelling might lend themselves to a learning activity. I’m guessing contract law wasn’t the first thing to spring into your head? Tim Miles is trying to change all that, one geranium at a time.

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