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Your Learning Design stories in 6 minutes, 40 seconds!

By Lucy Blakemore,

What's your Learning Design identity? How green is your curriculum? If learning gets any more 'micro', will it even be there at all?

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Ensuring students get what they need through human centred design

By Marty van de Weyer,

Find out how our new collection on LX Resources can help you to utilise human centred design in your learning and teaching.

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How we codesign online subjects with student workload in mind

By Thea Werkhoven,

The PGLD team discuss how they think through student workload in their learning design.

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Exploring UDL: design with everyone in mind

By David Yeats,

Explore some of the origins, benefits and critiques of Universal Design for Learning.

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The Enhancing Courses process: a new guide for improving your course design

By Michaela Zappia,

A new approach for course teams who are looking to enhance their overall course design.

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The ABCD of inclusive learning design

By Lucy Blakemore,

Whether you're starting out or sharing your advice and experience, come and explore perspectives on inclusive learning design.

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Supporting graduate midwives to work with perinatal grief, loss and trauma

By Annabel Sheehy,

Dr Annabel Sheehy and Loretta Musgrave recount the development of a comprehensive teaching and learning approach to support early career midwives.

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Are you feeling it? Building empathy in co-design

By Christina Brauer,

Emily Oquist explores how we can create strong design relationships that help to produce engaging learning experiences.

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Students seek sustainable futures in business

By Melissa Edwards,

Business is changing, and education must evolve with it. Melissa Edwards spotlights an increasing focus on sustainability in business courses.

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