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Interested in learning technologies? Join the UTS learning and teaching systems User Group

By Futures Team,

Are you a UTS academic or learning and teaching support staff member? Are you interested in helping to shape the future of learning and teaching systems for our staff and students? ITD and IML are building a network of staff to contribute ideas and feedback to enhancement processes for...

3 easy polling tools – compared

By Wenes Gunawan,

If you’ve used mQlicker for in-class polling, you might have heard the sad news that the product will come to an end on 30 July. But never fear: we’ve compared 3 easy-to-use, free alternatives.

Loopy: An Interactive Animated Visual Aid for Education

By Sean Riley,

Loopy is a new tool for demonstrating how complex systems behave.

4 things to consider when using video and digital content to reach wider audiences (and how to get it right) – Part One

By Matthew Vella,

Have you ever told someone about a book and their reply was "I'll just watch the movie"? Reading is an important part of both learning and teaching, but as a communication platform it isn't always the most engaging. In this post, we explore some things to consider when using...

5 questions for…Anne Gardner

By Anne Gardner,

Something new I tried out in teaching in the last year was...

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