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Pedagogy put into practice: improve student outcomes with Canvas quizzes

By Richard Ingold,

Want to increase student engagement and grades? Apply theory to practice with this research case study from the University of Auckland.

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Tooltime taster: Select the right tool with the Padagogy Wheel

By Ann Wilson,

Which tool or app should you use for what purpose? Let this wheel of fortune steer you in the right direction.

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Chinese learners’ experiences of Western online education

By Richard Ingold,

How do we ensure that students accessing online materials can still have a fulfilling learning experience?

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The virtues of gratitude, with Dr Kerry Howells

By Futures Team,

Dr Kerry Howells, Senior Lecturer of Curriculum and Pedagogy at the University of Tasmania, lays out the importance of gratitude in higher education.

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The Quick Study – Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

By Philip Betts,

One of the most influential bodies of work in education, and amongst the first concepts examined in any education degree, is Bloom’s Taxonomy and its successors.

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The video revolution in learning and teaching

By Jessica Tyrrell,

How can we best harness the unique properties of video to support student learning?

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Weave digital storytelling into your teaching with Dr Mauricio Marrone and Dr Murray Taylor

By Rhiannon Hall,

Learn more about this versatile approach to engaging your students and helping them to remember important information.

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