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10 different perspectives on accessibility

By Rhiannon Hall,

Looking for ways to make sure your subject is accessible to students with a disability? These stories and resources from UTS staff will point you in the right direction.

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UTS Avoiding Plagiarism: what’s new in 2018

By Sang Eun Oh,

Online resources to help your students understand how to avoid plagiarism.

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Need AV equipment for your subject? Here’s how to get it!

By Amit Patel,

Did you know learning and teaching staff have access to hire of laptops, PowerPoint remotes and adaptors? Find out how you can book the equipment you need for your subject.

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Open Educational Resources Part 2: Finding OERs

By Shemiran Yaghobi,

Part two of the Library Open Educational Resources Series on Finding OERs. This post was co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi & Dr Patrick Tooth. Many thanks to Janet Chelliah for her support and advice.

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Tools to share data and real world data stories with students – Part One

By Simon Knight,

The technology you use for your classes can either make your life much easier...or much, much harder. Here's a few examples of carefully selected learning technology to show how you can make your teaching more successful.

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