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Belonging at UTS: supporting Indigenous students in Business

By David Waller,

Find out how building a sense of belonging addressed the challenges and benefits of a Business course designed for Indigenous Australian professionals.

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Belonging at UTS: partnering with students to build a sense of belonging

By Alycia Bailey,

Building a sense of belonging was the key to a student services portal prototype, created by the winning group of students at last year's Student Forum.

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Belonging at UTS: supporting students with the Embedding English Language framework

By Rosalie Goldsmith,

Academic language and learning support doesn't always reach those who need it most. The EEL framework responds to this issue with a university-wide approach.

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Belonging at UTS: cultivating a compassionate university

By Alisa Percy,

What have we learned from the previous year that can help us actively grow UTS into a compassionate university?

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Fostering connection and building a culture of care: reflections on the FFYE Forum

By Alisa Percy,

Alisa Percy recaps the recent FFYE Forum, which was themed around fostering connection and care for remote learning, teaching and working.

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Lessons learned during COVID-19: stories from Atieh Fallahi and Donna Rooney

By Mais Fatayer,

A new series of blogs stemming from a recent learning design meet-up focuses on challenges and approaches faced by academics this year.

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