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My decision, their ‘lives’: supporting deeper learning in medical science

By David Van Reyk,

David Van Reyk and colleagues share multi-year innovations in medical science teaching, all in support of deeper student learning.

Futures blog

Supporting graduate midwives to work with perinatal grief, loss and trauma

By Annabel Sheehy,

Dr Annabel Sheehy and Loretta Musgrave recount the development of a comprehensive teaching and learning approach to support early career midwives.

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Simulation-based, online learning for speech pathology students

By Kevin Millingham,

Master of Speech Pathology students are immersed in an online SIM experience over five days – read the latest from the PGLD team.

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Playdough capitalism: further lessons in radical economic pedagogy

By Elizabeth Humphrys,

In 2017, Elizabeth Humphrys received a FASS Teaching and Learning and Award for her work in the subject Economy, Society and Globalism. Learn about the classroom simulation she used to help students understand complex theoretical concepts.

Futures blog

Labs of the future: using simulations to stimulate students’ curiosity

By Elaine Huber,

Imagine if 300 students were able to complete a laboratory practical where they handle chemicals, take measurements, plot results, interact with high-end equipment - without ever entering a laboratory...

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