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Helping your students to look after their mental health

By Ashley Willcox,

When it comes to supporting students who have anxiety, small actions can make a big difference.

Futures blog

Sustainable teaching: is it time to revisit your fitness goals?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Looking for a little extra motivation to change up your ‘teaching fitness’ regime? Lace up your trainers – it's workout time!

Futures blog

Fostering connection and building a culture of care: reflections on the FFYE Forum

By Alisa Percy,

Alisa Percy recaps the recent FFYE Forum, which was themed around fostering connection and care for remote learning, teaching and working.

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Looking for the ‘normal’ in seriously strange times

By Rhiannon Hall,

A consideration of what 'the new normal' means when everything seems odd, and some tips for coping.

Futures blog

From the frontline: how academics are coping with Covid-19

By Kathryn Ayrton,

While it may feel as though we’re learning to fly the plane whilst in the air, students are grateful and showing up. And so must we.

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