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The future starts now … well on the 24th of October it does

By Phoebe Huang,

At this first UTS TeachMeet, Jane Hunter and Simon Harper from Killara High School will bring together a dynamic group of academics, practicing teachers and preservice teachers to share how they have been using game-based learning, AI and data with young people in schools and universities.

Futures blog

Building a case for your teaching

By Ann Wilson,

What makes an effective application for a teaching award or a promotion? In a series of workshops here at UTS we will be exploring how to craft and present a compelling case for promotion or UTS or national teaching awards.

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3 FREE video editing programs AND how to use them!

By Matthew Vella,

It's easy to shoot a video on your mobile device - you know that! But did you know it's easy to edit as well?

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An introduction to VR production for your classes

By Teigan Kollosche,

There's a growing interest in 360 degree video within education. Get started with a workshop and see how it could be part of your learning and teaching practice.

Futures blog

How our grades submission workshops can make your life easier

By Shegufa Zahedi,

In the next couple of weeks we'll be running through the essentials of grade submission at the LX.lab. Here's why you need to sign up!

Futures blog

Register for a Power of Screen Presenting workshop

By Phoebe Huang,

The Power of Screen Presenting workshops are back and in YOUR hands!

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