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Copying and sharing content in Canvas

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The Direct Share feature in Canvas means you can share and copy assignments, announcements, quizzes, discussions, pages and modules quickly and easily. You can send content directly to another user in Canvas, or copy content into your Canvas courses. You will find the option to share or copy in...

Pages in Canvas

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Pages is the Canvas content item you can use to add rich content to your Canvas course. With the help of the Rich Content Editor, you are able to embed images, files, videos, audio files and content from Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy and many other third party tools, in...

Modules in Canvas

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Modules are used in Canvas to organize your course content and create a learning path for students. To access Modules, click the Modules link in the Course Navigation Menu.  The video tutorial below (4:09 min) shows you how to find and create Modules. View a transcript of this video...

Canvas Commons

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Commons is a digital library full of educational content that you can access through Canvas. You can browse through content and import material into your Canvas courses, or share content from your own Canvas course into Commons for others to use. Commons can be accessed by UTS staff (Commons...

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