• Thursday, 28 October 2021
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Hot Topic Theme: Work Integrated Learning and External Partnerships

Are you considering how to integrate WIL strategies into your program that develop both critical thinking and practical skills for the workplace? 

The Master of High Performance Sport at UTS is a new course that has been 20 years in the making. This course has a strong vision for providing a unique experience for both students and industry collaborators that focuses, not only on technical expertise, but also transferable professional practice capabilities. 

In this workshop you will learn from an example of WIL that will focus on: 

  • Whole of course curriculum design 
  • Development of industry ready practitioners 
  • The co-design (and co-delivery) relationship with industry 

At the end of this workshop you will come away with some practical ideas that you can adapt and apply to your curriculum.

Guest Speakers:

Michelle Hrlec: Michelle has been working as a Senior Learning Designer with the Postgraduate Learning Design Team since 2018. This role involves working closely with Health faculty academics and industry experts to co-design subjects specifically for delivery online or in blended mode. Michelle has had more than 20 years experience teaching, and designing learning for adults in a range of settings; her qualifications include a Bachelor of psychology with Honors and a Master of Learning Sciences and Technology. 

 Blake McLean: Blake is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation and the course coordinator for the Masters of High Performance Sport. Over the last 15 years, Blake has worked within high-performance departments in the AFL, NRL, NBA and USA collegiate sport. Blake is involved in a number of international industry research collaborations, aiming to develop best practice human performance models, to support evidence-led decision making in the pursuit of optimal health and performance for team sport athletes. Blake also serves as part of the Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) Sports Science Advisory Group and is a member of the Nike North American Sport Scientific Advisory Group.

What are Hot Topics?

Hot Topics are curriculum and teaching themes that have emerged in UTS from student learning experiences, student feedback surveys (SFS), consultations and other strategic projects. They are a series of professional development and engagement opportunities to enhance courses and provide longer-term support through community building and sustained critical dialogues.

This event is facilitated by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum (TAC) Team.

Franziska Trede and Dimity Wehr, the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT).

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