• Friday, 20 May 2022
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Hybrid format (further details provided upon registration)

About the Event

In 2019, the FFYE Community gathered to discuss the theory and practice of working with Students as Partners, where Dr. Lucy Mercer-Mapstone introduced us to four ways of thinking about how we listen to and work with students: (1) students as evaluators of their experiences; (2) students as participants in decision-making processes; (3) students as co-creators and experts; and (4) students as agents for change. In the more complex post-Covid learning environment, learning to listen to and work with students in diverse and agile ways that encourage mutual learning and agency has become even more critical.

In this Forum, we pick up on this conversation again through the lens of co-design. Drawing on the expertise of professional co-designers, we will look at how we can bring co-design techniques to our services, curricula design, and even our classrooms, to harness the power of the student voice to enhance the student experience, build agency, and better prepare our graduates for the professional world.

Presenters include Bridget Malcolm and Lindsay Asquith (School of Design, DAB, formerly Design and Innovation Research Centre, UTS), Alycia Bailey and Student Learning Hub Guides (Library), Tania Machet and Tim Boye, and students, Ria Narai and Ethan Farrugia (Professional Practice Program, FEIT). There will also be opportunities to connect and share with each other. We invite academic, professional staff and students to join us at this event.

Forum location

We are excited to be offering this Forum as an on-campus experience, so we can connect in person again. However, we know that coming to campus may not be possible for all, so we are offering this Forum in hybrid mode. As this is the first time we have done this, we will be experimenting alongside you with this new way of working.

For the on-campus participants, please arrive at 1.30 for the 2.00 start to reconnect over tea/coffee. As it is the last day of semester, let’s celebrate. Please join us for drinks and canapes from 4.00 – 5.00pm. Due to room availability, the on-campus registration is limited to 85 people.

For the online participants, please arrive at 1.45 for the 2.00 start.

Facilitators: Kathy Egea, Alisa Percy, Jacqueline Melvold

What is FFYE?

The UTS FFYE (First and Further Year Experience) Program is an institutional wide program, designed to support the successful transition of students in their journey through their degrees and into the workplace. The program has three foci: curriculum, people and the university infrastructure.

One key element of the program is community building. FFYE Forums (regular meetings) and FFYE community (MSTeams) provide spaces for sharing, learning and ongoing collaborations connecting research, practice and student experience. Contact Kathy Egea (FFYE coordinator) to join.


This event is facilitated by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT).
Dr Kathy Egea, Senior Lecturer, UTS First and Further Year Experience (FFYE) Coordinator, TACT
Dr Alisa Percy, Senior Lecturer, TACT
Join the ‘FFYE Community’ MS Teams. You’ll be able to stay connected, view shared resources, favourite papers, blogs and website links.You can leave the MS team space at anytime or email IML_Ops@uts.edu.au to opt out.

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