• Thursday, 17 September 2020
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Zoom – further details provided upon registration

If we have learnt anything from this pandemic and the shift to remote learning, it is the importance of connection even in the context of social distancing. In the Zoom room, we lose those critical moments of spontaneous connection that remind us that we are not alone – and this is true for both students and staff.  Students are seeking out connection in different ways; for example, students like the online resources we provide, but they value more the opportunity to chat, even if it’s with a bot.

  • What does this tell us about the role of dialogue in having our learning needs met?
  • How do we create more space in a time-poor environment for human connection and building a culture of care?  

In this First and Further Year Experience (FFYE) Forum, and within our own community of care, we will learn, share and reflect on practices that foster a positive student transition experience within and alongside their courses. In the Forum, we will learn more about:

  • The critical learning support points in the “current” student learning Journey (Student Learning Hub, Supporting Study Online website, Classroom practice)
  • The students’ perspective from the ‘Welcome and Belonging’ Student Equity Project
  • The challenges and strategies for connection and care within the online zoom classes through the lens of UPASS sessions
  • Academic practice for fostering a community of care.

We invite those working with or for students, within and outside the curriculum and we encourage students to attend. Please feel welcome. 

Casual academics

You are more than welcome to attend, however there are limited paid spaces. Please register using the booking form below and we will let you know if you can be paid for your attendance.

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Your video, audio and the meeting chat transcript may be recorded at this event. Please advise the facilitator if you do not wish to be recorded.

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