• Tuesday, 14 July 2020
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Zoom – further details provided upon registration

Feedback has a profound impact on student achievement, and yet it continues to be a pedagogical practice that students regularly identify as needing improvement. Creating a culture of feedback for learning which develops a productive partnership for student learning underpins the focus of this online FFYE forum.

We welcome not only academics,  but also students and professional staff to give us a broad perspective of student learning needs and expectations.

Giving and receiving feedback is a major challenge for both students and staff:


  • Don’t think they get enough of it
  • Feel they don’t receive the type of feedback they want
  • Find it difficult to make sense of feedback and using it to help them  with future tasks and assessments


  • Sometimes feel feedback is wasted on students who don’t look at it
  • Are time limited in what they can provide
  • Don’t explore feedback with students to ensure students recognise and use it

For this FFYE Forum, we will work together to identify and share good practice in designing feedback processes, and creating a culture of feedback, in our disciplines and student support areas that enables students to become active agents in their own learning. Our aim is understanding how to develop a productive partnership, as well as highlighting the importance of staff and student feedback literacy.

We will use role play, break out groups, short presentations and examples of practice within UTS via FFYE grants, to encourage discussion on ways forward for feedback for learning.

Join Kathy Egea (FFYE Coordinator), Alisa Percy (IML L&T), Dimity Wehr (IML L&T),   Aurora Murphy (IML ALL) and Samantha Donnelly (DAB) for this forum.

For more information, please contact Kathy.Egea@uts.edu.au

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