• Thursday, 22 June 2017
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • CIC Ideation Studio, Building 22, Ground Floor

Ever wondered how to provide your students with individual feedback and recommendations on their learning progress both quickly and easily?

The UTS Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) will be hosting a hands-on workshop to demonstrate the potential applications of OnTask software for UTS staff. OnTask can be used to integrate data on student activity and learning progress, and automate the mailing out of personalised feedback to your students, composed by you and based on your personal experience with your class. For details on how to register, head over to StaffConnect.

Workshop leads: Jurgen Schulte (Science), Roberto Martinez-Maldonado and Simon Buckingham Shum (CIC).

This workshop is a great opportunity for UTS academics interested in the role of technology in improving feedback, academics interested in the role of data science in education (especially rule-based systems), and learning designers interested in automated feedback.

There are no specialist technical skills required. You are encouraged to bring with you thoughts on a course you teach or design. What data is (or could be) available about student activity online and offline? What patterns do you see (or can you imagine) that could signal the need for formative feedback to encourage and challenge students of all abilities?

Register on StaffConnect.

Feature image credit: NASA