• Wednesday,21 August 2019
    6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

The world is experiencing information overload. But, have traditional, text-heavy ways of communicating become redundant? Certainly, visual communication has exploded in popularity. Visuals are processed much faster than text. We remember 10% of written information but 65% of visual information. 50% of the brain is involved in visual processing. Being able to use hand-drawn graphics and words together to communicate findings, demonstrate ideas or lock in your message gives you a new language to work with.

This very practical, hand on workshop will teach you how to:

  • Draw what you see, rather than what you think you see. Who really looks like a stick figure?
  • Progress in your visual coms skills and kick out your creativity block once and for all
  • Increase your productivity by learning how to prototype and simplify complex ideas quickly
  • Communicate with and present more effectively with visuals

The workshop focuses on three fundamental principles: Vision, Direction, and Confidence, allowing anyone to walk away from this class with the skills to express their thoughts visually.

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About Simon Banks

Simon Banks is an author, speaker, facilitator and artist who brings all the vim and vigour your audience expect to ensure brilliant corporate events. He’s the Director of creative training company VisualFunk, known for running innovation hubs, conferences and training days to brew fresh thinking and develop market-leading ideas. His first book, “A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture if Innovation” is out now.