• Thursday, 13 July 2017
    12:00 pm - 12:45 pm
  • learning.futures Academic Hub


Take a break, bring your coffee and bring your ideas. Snack on nifty apps and techniques to do crafty stuff. A fortnightly series of short casual meetups to introduce handy tools for your academic utility belt. Tools that might engage learners, streamline your teaching or to simply save time.

Next at Tooltime: Google Chrome Profiles

Google Chrome Profiles are an excellent way of keeping your personal and professional Google Apps accounts separate. This is especially true if you use Google Drive for personal documents and a professional account for UTS research or student engagement. In this session, we explore how to setup Google Profiles and how it streamlines access to the folders and files you want. Check out this article if you want more information about Google Profiles.

This session can easily be a hands on for those who want to bring their own devices to set up their two Google profiles. Following the initial set up and demonstration will be a casual discussion. Register below to come along.

Disclaimer: The Tooltime hosts make no claims on the utility of tools and do not necessarily provide support for the gadgets, widgets or workflows presented.

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