• Wednesday, 19 May 2021
    1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
  • LX.lab CB06.04.020

So you’ve filmed something on your trusty iPhone or iPad – now what?

Due to our overwhelming demand of our Editing with iMovie RESHub launch event, the LX.lab will be hosting another hands on, face-to-face iMovie workshop for anyone who missed out! iMovie is a video editing program for Mac users, Windows users can instead register for ‘Video Editing on Windows Movie Editor‘.

iMovie is a FREE video editing program for Mac users – it’s probably installed in your applications folder right now. This workshop is more than just a live demo – it’s an interactive hands on experience. Together, we will edit the same footage as a class, so you can leave with first hand video editing experience. This workshop will also finish early, so you can have some free time to experiment with your footage and ask questions as well.

This workshop will cover a variety of editing basics, including:

  • Trimming
  • Cutting
  • Using cutaways
  • Adding titles and transitions
  • Managing your video footage
  • Exporting


Note: This is an on-campus event only event in the LX.lab. It will not be streamed online.

Register for this event

Your video, audio and the meeting chat transcript may be recorded or photographed. Please advise the facilitator if you do not wish to be recorded or photographed.

Please log in using the link at the top of the page to make a booking.

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