• Friday,14 December 2018
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • LX.lab CB06.04.020, UTS

The Wellbeing Network is an emerging community—i.e. it needs you to exist!

Please join us to build this network and speculate on the possibilities of enhancing wellbeing for staff and students at UTS, through evidence based practice.

We have been working with HR and Student Services, exploring different possibilities for collective flourishing at UTS, for both staff and students. Please see our recent project report here.

We would love to update you on this exploration and discuss the potential for a network to amplify the ways you are supporting wellbeing within UTS.

The workshop is informal, but we would love you to do some thinking before the workshop and bring a couple of things. Please:

–  read: this article by Mieke van der Bijl which explores different models for collaborative practice to address complex issues, such as wellbeing

– write down: a question inspired by the reading that reflects on how we might bring adaptive models of collaboration to the issue of wellbeing at UTS in 2019. Something small, that you think you might be interested in actioning, and would love support with.

– reflect on: please be prepared to share a story about something you did in 2018 to support staff, student and/or your own wellbeing.

– bring a snack to share: food that you find nourishing, for example if you feel happy when you smell the scent of mandarins, bring 3-4 mandarins to share.

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