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CRADLE Symposium 2021: Inclusion, equity, and access in assessment

By LX Team,

Join researchers in assessment, inclusion and social justice at this year's CRADLE Symposium.

Applications now open for the UTS Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations

By LX Team,

The UTS Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations are back! Send in your application before 29 October.

Make Mentimeter your ‘entry ticket’

By Beate Mueller,

Start your class in a relaxed and engaging way with Mentimeter – Beate Mueller shows us how.

Improve your online presence on Zoom and Teams

By Ana Badan Fernandes,

Video conference platforms are a constant in our daily lives – but how effectively are we using body language and staying present?

Providing professional development for casual tutors

By Aurora Murphy,

A series of workshops run by IML gave casual tutors opportunities to build on their learning and teaching knowledge.

Expressions of interest: develop ethical principles for AI in EdTech

By Simon Buckingham Shum,

Academics, casual tutors and students are invited to form a team to propose principles that will govern the use of analytics.

There’s more than one way to make your content accessible

By Ashley Willcox,

Accessibility doesn't have to be complicated – follow our advice to simplify your process.

The unexpected joy of being a new tutor

By Kaylene Pring,

Kaylene Pring discusses how she has formed meaningful connections with students after becoming a tutor in the School of Nursing.

The future of Learning Design: challenges and tensions

By Keith Heggart,

Hybrid, professional, and increasingly experiential? Explore what the future might look like for learning designers in academia and beyond.

Jump to recipe: using anchor tags and links for clearer navigation in Canvas

By Amanda White,

Are your students getting lost in Canvas? Follow Amanda White's recipe for using anchor tags and links in a table of contents.

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