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Meet Portfolium – our new Porfolio platform

By LX Team,

Create a profile, curate your projects and make connections with the official portfolio platform for UTS.

What you need to develop video assessments

By Mais Fatayer,

Thinking of trying out video assessment in your subject? Here's what you should be thinking about.

Congratulations to Kathy Egea, STARS Fellow for 2021

By LX Team,

Kathy leads the FFYE program, which has supported the student experience and transition over the past ten years.

Watch: video assessments at the 8th UTS Video Meet-up

By Matthew Vella,

The latest video meet-up focused on video assessments – from designing frameworks to student-generated videos that addressed environmental issues.

Feedback and Assessment: Hot Topic 3 from TACT is here!

By Alisa Percy,

Join TACT for the third Hot Topic in our 2021 series and explore how we can re-frame our approaches to feedback for learning.

Sustainable teaching: is it time to revisit your fitness goals?

By Lucy Blakemore,

Looking for a little extra motivation to change up your ‘teaching fitness’ regime? Lace up your trainers – it's workout time!

Are you on TRACK to achieving your dream job?

By Georgia Markakis,

The latest news on TRACK Learner – an app that gives students insight into what career trajectory their studies will put them on.

Analysing qualitative data (part 3): find your way with maps, models and personas

By Lucy Blakemore,

The final blog in our qualitative data analysis series examines how we interpret meaning and draw our conclusions.

Make video assessment clearer for students with downloadable instructions

By Elizabeth Smith,

These easy to use instructions will help your students complete their video assessment smoothly.

Repurpose your content: an example from data visualisation

By Emily Oquist,

Reuse of content can save time and energy – discover how FEIT and the PGLD team reworked a Data Visualisation subject for multiple audiences.

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