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Why consent always matters

By Aurora Murphy,

Here's what you need to know about the UTS Consent Matters program and training.

Catching up with Dr Amanda White

By Rhiannon Hall,

Following her recent AAUT award win, Dr Amanda White reflects on her learning and teaching career so far in this video interview.

How we hacked Miro to design better digital workshop experiences

By Aby Dotulung,

A little imagination, the right tools and an opportunity to experiment turn digital workshops into a new strength for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit.

Simulation-based, online learning for speech pathology students

By Kevin Millingham,

Master of Speech Pathology students are immersed in an online SIM experience over five days – read the latest from the PGLD team.

Intellectual Property in learning and teaching: who owns what?

By LX Team,

Find the answers to all your questions on rights, property and ownership in UTS's Intellectual Property Policy.

On TRACK: employability in an age of workforce transition

By Kirsty Kitto,

Kirsty Kitto and Rhi Tuntevski track new developments in a project that uses data, analytics and AI to help students land their dream job.

Need a quiet space to run your Zoom class? We can help

By Philip Betts,

Escape your shared space or messy bedroom, and book in a new quiet room on campus for your Zoom sessions.

Students explain: creating accessible and comfortable environments for accessibility students

By LX Team,

In this post, UTS student and Digital Accessibility Ambassador Jatin Dhanji gives advice on creating an accessible and comfortable environment for students.

What to do and when in Canvas during session

By Dayang Rajit,

A primer for some of the more common tasks you can do, and when, in Canvas.

7 steps to manage perfectionism

By Christopher Girdler,

There's nothing wrong with wanting to do your very best – but watch for signs your perfectionist side is getting the better of you.

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