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‘All in one’: Benefits of the IF-AT card with Yen Phan

By Adam Morgan,

Recently I wrote a blog post profiling Jacqueline Berry and her use of IF-AT ‘scratch cards’. In this post I talk to another IF-AT user: Yen Phan from the UTS School of Business. Yen is a casual academic in the Management Discipline Group who tutors in the area of strategic operations...

Making your Canvas site clear to all students: 4 tips from our new guide

By Richard Ingold,

When students come to university, they don’t just learn new knowledge and skills. They also learn a new language to describe and explain what they are learning about. And this doesn’t just apply to international students – all students must learn a new way of using English within their...

Students as co-designers in the LXT

By Franziska Trede,

Engaging students as partners is a powerful idea, the implementation of which has the potential to transform HE. (Healey, Flint & Harrington, 2016) The LX Transformation project at UTS has grown out of the move to the Canvas learning management system. To enrich the process, the Faculty of Engineering...

‘Very motivating for students’: Benefits of the IF-AT card with Jacqueline Berry

By Adam Morgan,

A few months back I wrote a blog post on the power of the IF-AT ‘scratch card’.  The IF-AT card is a fantastic little tool that fosters engagement in classrooms, and most important, provides students with immediate feedback. At UTS we now have a growing number of academics who,...

The future starts now … well on the 24th of October it does

By Phoebe Huang,

At this first UTS TeachMeet, Jane Hunter and Simon Harper from Killara High School will bring together a dynamic group of academics, practicing teachers and preservice teachers to share how they have been using game-based learning, AI and data with young people in schools and universities.

Learn time management and other useful skills with Linkedin Learning

By Wendy Ho,

I remember hearing the term time management for the first time, and how important it was, but I was never taught skills or ways to help manage time. I always thought that there was just not enough time in the day to get things done but after watching time...

5 things I have learnt about working with students as partners

By Georgina Barratt-See,

Attending the First and Further Year Forum earlier this year in April on Students As Partners made me think about how much I’ve learnt working with students for the past 19 years and how much I’ve grown from the experience.  So without further ado, here are five things I’ve...

Top 5 events you should know about this October

By Phoebe Huang,

We’re just about halfway through the Spring session now, and the impending marking season will begin to emerge from the fog that is, STU-VAC week. But before this we’ve got a range of events and workshops guaranteed to spark creativity with your learning and teaching practices. 1. Canvas Training...

Festival of Learning Design wrap-up

By Futures Team,

If you thought the new UTS Central building was impressive, then you should check out its world-first large collaborative classroom. But how does this innovative new space work in practice? Last month, our learning and teaching community put it to the test at the first-ever Festival of Learning Design. If you didn’t...

Helping students build courage and connection

By Kaitlin Moore,

International students take risks to develop a sense of belonging through English speaking practice programs. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the courage it takes to find your voice in a new language and what happens when you do. I used to live in the USA, and for several years...

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