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Analysing qualitative data (part 3): find your way with maps, models and personas

By Lucy Blakemore,

The final blog in our qualitative data analysis series examines how we interpret meaning and draw our conclusions.

Make video assessment clearer for students with downloadable instructions

By Elizabeth Smith,

These easy to use instructions will help your students complete their video assessment smoothly.

Repurpose your content: an example from data visualisation

By Emily Oquist,

Reuse of content can save time and energy – discover how FEIT and the PGLD team reworked a Data Visualisation subject for multiple audiences.

Hot Topics catch-up: student belonging, agency and teamwork

By LX Team,

Missed Hot Topics on belonging and student agency/teamwork? Here's a quick guide to what was covered and where you can play catch-up.

Student agency and teamwork: Hot Topic summary

By Franziska Trede,

Explore student agency and teamwork Hot Topic events, with practical aspects to consider in your own teamwork practices.

Student agency and teamwork: 3 insights from TD School

By Giedre Kligyte,

Giedre Kligyte examines the concept of student agency in learning, offering experiences from the UTS Transdiciplinary School.

Using the Canvas ’Message students who’ function for personalised feedback

By Amara Atif,

How to easily communicate regular and personalised feedback to students.

Analysing qualitative data (part 2): building your human observation toolkit

By Lucy Blakemore,

Take note of human behaviour and uncover richer insights from your research in the second part of our 'Analysing qualitative data' series.

Build or reinvigorate your subject with Canvas templates

By Natasha Sutevski,

Starting from scratch is never easy. Take a shortcut with our collection of Canvas templates or get tips to enhance your existing Canvas course.

Automated feedback: looking back/forward

By David Yeats,

We reflect on four events that focused on automated feedback and how it can address key issues around learning and teaching in digital environments.

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