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Three quick ways to stay in the loop for Spring session

By Rhiannon Hall,

If you're heading into Spring session feeling overwhelmed by all the preparation that needs to be done, we've got you covered. Here are three simple ways to get help and resources that'll have you ready to dive in to the new session.

“It’s the best blended learning program I’ve done” Scholarly Teaching Fellow, FEIT

By Jan McLean,

This comment comes from an academic who attended the Teaching for learning.futures program - a program designed to guide you to make your classes more engaging for your students, and to ‘blend’ your subject making better use of UTSOnline tools and technologies.

Google Chrome Profiles: A way of separating yourself from yourself

By Oliver Coady,

Ever had the problem of someone saying they've shared a Google Document with you, but you just can't find it? Maybe it's because you're looking in all the wrong places!

What does the data with Tableau tell me?

By Oliver Coady,

Ever heard of the story where data was captured, analysed, stored and then left alone? It may be something that happens all too often. One data stack tucked away in a little warehouse only to be forgotten when new data comes onto the scene

What’s on at the Hub in July?

By Futures Team,

Slack, Google Chrome Profiles, Digital Literacy, analysing UTSOnline quiz results and more to explore at the learning.futures Academic Hub in the next few weeks.

Virtual reality, 3D, and how you can use it for teaching, learning and research

By Jason Benedek,

If you're feeling confused by the influx of new audiovisual technologies and what they mean, don't worry. Read on for a quick intro to some great new tools for teaching, learning and research.

Design Better Learning Experiences!

By Adrian Norman,

Take a look at this easy-to-understand model to help you design more effective and engaging learning experiences.

5 Questions with…Dr Willa Huston

By Wilhelmina Huston,

What gives me the most joy in teaching?

Creating captions for your videos

By Mark O'Connor,

One way to make sure your videos are more accessible.

Attention all future entrepreneurs, Hatchery+ is now accepting applications!

By Hatchery Team,

Are you a student or recent alumni working on a startup or an idea that could change the world?

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