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Digitalising assessments and submission: we’re here to help!

By Bilquis Ghani,

Going digital can be daunting but you don't need super powers to get on top of it. Take a look at our upcoming workshops and book in today.

Time saver: post from social media direct to UTSOnline

By Lucy Arthur,

Who says students don’t read announcements on UTSOnline? Amanda White from UTS Business School uses a clever hack to share the latest developments in the accounting world, while simultaneously posting on UTSOnline.

Reflections on access from the UTS Law Students’ Society: Accessibility In Legal Workplaces Panel

By Patrisha Domingo,

When diversity in our future workplaces is envisioned, environments inclusive of disability and different access requirements often get pushed behind for diversity in areas such as age, gender and race. Despite disability intersecting with every community, when spaces such as workplaces aren't made physically and socially accessible, they exclude...

Are you ready for the new UTS Assessment policy?

By Jo McKenzie,

The new Coursework Assessment Policy and Procedures have been approved for 2018. Get your subject ready now.

Learning and teaching award and citation winners for 2017

By Futures Team,

See who was awarded at the Learning and Teaching forum last week...

Don’t make assumptions, ask questions: understanding accessibility requirements

By Venetia Vecellio,

How do we ensure the way we speak about accessibility requirements is beneficial? Making assumptions can be really problematic...

From law students to lawyers: bringing the workplace into the classroom with Des Finegan

By Philip Betts,

How do you bridge the classroom to the world beyond? It’s a question the learning.futures strategy places front and centre.

Give alternate realities a try

By Andreas Mertin,

There’s great potential for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) to enhance the future of teaching, learning and research in the university setting.

Update, back up and clean out: keep yourself secure beyond passwords

By Sean Riley,

Security goes beyond passwords. Think about backing up, thinking of what you keep and what you don't, and updating as key security practices.

Losing our religion? Or just changing how we do faith?

By Joanna Thyer,

What does faith look like for university students today?

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