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Techo Tuesday – What MOOCs can do for you!

By Futures Team,

If you know nothing about MOOCs, are curious about how they can be used for professional development, teaching and edutainment, or their potential to disrupt the 1000 year old model of higher education, join Adrian Norman from IML and the Science of Learning Research Centre for an informal presentation...

Have a safe and happy long weekend…

By Futures Team,

Whether you're celebrating Easter, going away or just enjoying some time off, the team at Futures wishes you a happy and safe long weekend.

Loopy: An Interactive Animated Visual Aid for Education

By Sean Riley,

Loopy is a new tool for demonstrating how complex systems behave.

April workshops for new casual academics

By Enza Mirabella,

Are you looking for a professional development opportunity at UTS? In April, IML is offering a series of workshops designed to give casual academics new to UTS a paid opportunity to participate in a range of practical and popular, interactive sessions. The workshops provide a collegial forum for exploring...

REVIEW Vs Turnitin – which is for you?

By Oliver Coady,

Two systems developed for assessment and feedback. Both with pros and cons. Let's weigh up in Round 1 of REVIEW Vs Turnitin: Assessment.

Ranking affirms UTS at the head of Australia’s young universities

By Futures Team,

For the third year the University of Technology Sydney has been named the top young university in Australia in the Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings, this year leaping six places in the global ranking to 15th in the world.

Access #101: How to know your student’s needs

By Sarah Houbolt,

A blog series about unleashing the potential of all students...

What is the evidence-base for learning.futures?

By Shirley Alexander,

UTS is undergoing a significant redevelopment of its campus, spending $1.3B to provide a campus for the future of higher education. Much of the design of the campus has been underpinned by a view of the future of learning and teaching known as the learning.futures strategy (previously known as...

Dr Amanda White chats with us about auditing, accounting and awards…

By Rhiannon Hall,

At the UTS 2016 Teaching and Learning Forum, Dr Amanda White was the recipient of an Individual Teaching Award. We asked her a few questions about her learning and teaching practice...

4 things to consider when using video and digital content to reach wider audiences (and how to get it right) – Part Two

By Matthew Vella,

In Part One, we explored some benefits of using video and social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Now we'll explore a few simple things you can do to make shooting on your phone or tablet even more effective.

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