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Do you need help setting up assessment tasks? There are still a few places left for our REVIEW workshop!

By Futures Team,

Get in quick to get a spot for this session on setting up assessment tasks for your subject!

Speed Dating with Technology

By Elaine Huber,

A regular event in the learning and teaching calendar is the widely popular technology showcase. Have you been to one of these ‘unusual’ events? Would you like access to the resources?

4 things to consider when using video and digital content to reach wider audiences (and how to get it right) – Part One

By Matthew Vella,

Have you ever told someone about a book and their reply was "I'll just watch the movie"? Reading is an important part of both learning and teaching, but as a communication platform it isn't always the most engaging. In this post, we explore some things to consider when using...

Getting students to co-create course content for Contemporary Latin(o) Americas

By Jeffrey Browitt,

Did you ever think of getting students to develop some course content? Here are some of my experiences over the last four years...

Learn how to make videos for your subject using just your smartphone or tablet!

By Futures Team,

Would you like to make video content for your subject but don't know where to start? Join us for a hands-on workshop presented by Matthew Vella and get started now!

Innovative information: get involved and keep your students listening

By Mackenzie de la Hunty,

So you tell everyone you love teaching...but how do you show it? Coming up with new, innovative ways to convey important information to your students is paramount - so what are you waiting for? Get innovating now!

Tools to share data and real world data stories with students – Part Two

By Simon Knight,

More on some handy tools for data management in your subject...

4 ways to get your students active in class

By Leslie McInnes,

Ever wanted to get students more active in class? You can ask them to get up and stretch, but what about stretching their minds at the same time?

Connecting with experts face-to-face and online in pre-service teacher education

By Jane Hunter,

Modelling engagement and innovation are critical experiences in pre-service teacher education.

The guy to blame for MOOCs

By Adrian Norman,

Heard about MOOCs but don’t know if you should care? Read on! This is the first part in a series on MOOCs.

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