Inquiry Unleashed at the Wiley Park Girls Exploratorium

By Lisa Aitken,

Following field trips to the Powerhouse Museum and Questacon and the realisation that many students could simply not make these trips, I decided to create an inquiry based learning inspired space at school dubbed the WPGH Exploratorium. Utilising advice I had received from my colleagues, mentors at the Australian...

How do our Bodies get Energy? A program at Central Sydney Intensive English High School

By Lisa Aitken,

We asked Jana, teacher at Central Sydney Intensive English High School a couple of questions about the project….. What was the project about? Our students are in an Intensive English high school and they needed to learn how to explain concepts about the human body in English.  For their...

Designing Learning Using Design Thinking

By Lisa Aitken,

As part of our planning for the U@Uni Summer School program, we worked together with high school teachers over a full day using Design Thinking to develop a high level plan for the two week Summer School.  Having the high school teachers in the room allowed us to engage...

When Uni Meets the Real World

By Lisa Aitken,

You’ve heard the term ‘authentic assessment’, but do you actually know what it means? We’re breaking down the jargon to explain what authentic assessments are, why they’re important and how three academics have come up with creative ways to incorporate them into their classes today. What would you do:...

Importance of Learning how to Project Manage in PBL

By Lisa Aitken,

How can we help students to develop project management skills to help them in our PBL programs and ready them for their future? 6 quick tips!

Scaffolding Collaboration for Successful Projects

By Lisa Aitken,

Just like you might scaffold the learning in key knowledge areas, vital soft skills such as collaboration also need scaffolding to ensure are students work effectively and successfully.

Making Assessment Fun: Authenticity

By Lisa Aitken,

Heard this before? 'but when will I ever use this skill in the REAL world?' Authentic assessment allows students to demonstrate key learning and 21st century skills through tasks that connect with the real world.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Creativity, Chocolate, and Middle School at Doonside Technology HS

By Lisa Aitken,

At Doonside Technology High School, we recognised the need to change our teaching and learning practices if we are to prepare students effectively for a life after school in the 21st century. During Term 1 of the school year, students in 7 Purple created a healthy chocolate alternative,...

Escape from Ancient Egypt!

By Lisa Aitken,

Students at Sir Joseph Banks High School took part in an escape room designed to get students actively using the skills they had learnt in Ancient History. Find out how these students cracked ancient Egyptian codes and escape!

Design Thinking in a Project Based World

By Lisa Aitken,

A common project management tool that is used in some of the largest companies in the world as well as here at UTS is design thinking. What’s it all about you ask? Here’s the breakdown...

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