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  • Great blog! Maybe give a little more attention about the level of descriptiveness of your introduction about the rest of the text, I couldn’t really gather what the approach of the text was gonna be just by reading your introduction. Furthermore, maybe try referencing with numbers and add a picture of a synaptic cleft to refer to when explaining the different types of bites. Enjoyed reading it!

  • Blog was well written and concise! I think that your 3rd final dot point on your second last page could be summarised to make it less wordy! Maybe you could slot in another example of one of the snakes in your second page, I think it’d brighten everything up and be a good visual! Besides that, very good job 🙂

  • Information included was relevant and had enough detail.
    The first paragraph on what anti-venoms are is a little too complex. But you really have discussed anti-venoms well. And the information on first aid options was great.

  • Your blog is so well organised, interesting and easy to understand. The level of professionalism you have used to communicate the information about snake bites is at a high level!

  • Interesting…Didn’t know snake bites can do all that!
    I like your layout, looks very neat!

  • Hey, great report! The only thing I could see that could be improved is this sentence; envenomation is where the venom of the snake is being released into the body by snake bite.

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