About this toolkit

This Toolkit is for teaching staff who are:

The Toolkit is regularly updated, so check in here for the latest information and guidance. If you can’t find the answer you need and require face-to-face support, you can book a drop-in at the LX.lab.

The DVC (E&S) Professor Shirley Alexander is also providing daily updates on teaching and learning issues via the teaching and learning listserv. Subscribe to Teach-LearnNet via this form.

For advice and information beyond teaching and learning, including advice for students, see UTS’s FAQs page.

Remote teaching & social distancing

Teaching students affected by the travel restrictions

Guide to teaching students in isolation

Strategies to ensure that students who are studying at home continue to have a fulfilling learning experience

Read the guide

Create videos for your students

Convert your face-to-face content into videos appropriate for impacted students

Media guide

Get support from the LX.lab

The LX.lab Team are providing increased levels of support in producing, processing and distributing media and assisting with learning design.

Learning Design & Media support