About this page

We’ve been doing some spring-cleaning in what used to be known as the Coronavirus Toolkit for Teaching and the Remote Teaching Toolkit, with a shift in focus to Spring session.

Last session, you successfully managed to get your classes up and running in remote mode within a very short timeframe – and we are now preparing for a different scenario. As well as showcasing all the useful resources for your remote teaching needs, this page will be updated regularly with useful tips for face-to-face teaching in a physical distancing environment, and ideas to blend the best of both worlds for ‘mixed mode’ classes.

For the next six weeks, we’ll be helping you to ‘bounce back into spring‘ with all the support you need – under 6 key themes that reflect real student feedback from Autumn session. See below for the themes, which will be updated weekly with links to new resources, inspirational blog posts and repeat sessions of popular online workshops.

The Toolkit is regularly updated, so come back often for the latest information and guidance. We’d love for you to contribute to this toolkit.  You can share your thoughts, methods and ideas by emailing LX.lab@uts.edu.au. The LX.lab Online is continuing to run webinars for all your teaching types to support you during time.