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Open to all high-school staff, UTS staff and the Department of Education, we welcome a wide range of submissions that share your advice, experience and expertise in the Project Based Learning (PBL) space. These could include examples of your PBL practice, tips on implementation, reviewing PBL resources, multifaceted assessment – the list is endless!

To guide you with your submissions, please see our Blog Post Guide (PDF 172KB). It contains information on what to write about, how to structure your submission, and what details you should include.

Contribution Guidelines

This blog is a space to share advice, tips and experiences with other teachers and the teaching and learning community, through quality content. We have a simple set of guidelines for those who would like to contribute content to the blog:

  • We invite genuine content that informs, assists, or shares. Personal stories, professional advice and interesting anecdotes are all great starting points.
  • The focus on the content is to be on Project Based Learning (PBL) and PBL related teaching and learning strategies.
  • All written content submitted must be the work of the individual or organisation submitting it.
  • Each submission will be subject to editorial overview.
  • If there are any images or videos you would like to include in the post, please ensure that you have permission to share.
  • Upon submitting an article, there is no guarantee that it will be posted to the blog.
  • Submissions should be uploaded as an editable Microsoft Word document.
  • No sales-related content will be suitable for this platform.

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