The LX.lab Media Space is equipped to assist UTS staff with media production requirements for all learning and teaching activities. Located in Building 3, the space is managed by the LX.lab Media Team and contains 4 different studios:

  • Self Recording Studio
  • Desktop Studio
  • Multipurpose Studio
  • Editing Suite

Take a virtual tour of the space to see our available facilities:

Self Recording Studio

The Self Recording Studio is a fully self-serviced media space that provides a simple recording process for anyone to use.

This studio is useful for:

  • Simple face-to-camera presentations such as recorded lectures
  • If you don’t have previous experience using video production equipment 
  • The ability to easily embed UTS-templated slides in your video 
  • Switch between camera and slides as needed during recording and reduce editing time
  • Audio podcast and video vodcast recording
three images of the equipment available in the self operated studio, listed in below paragraph.
The setup for recording podcasts and video.

This studio is equipped with:

  • 2 monitors
  • Single Camera
  • Professional Audio Microphone
  • Audio Podcast Recording Desk (Rode Caster Pro with 3 headset microphones)

The studio requires a brief induction provided by the LX.lab Media Team. A setup guide is provided in the studio for reference.

The Desktop Studio

The Desktop Studio provides an interactive solution to the production requirements for any audio or video project and is designed to cater for a range of learning and teaching activities.

This studio is useful for:

  • Videos with tablet-based digital annotations and 
  • Demonstrations of artifacts or objects through the use of a second camera
  • Video recordings that require quick switch between inputs (different camera angles and tablet)
Computers, cameras and lights in the desktop studio.
The desktop studio setup.

This studio is equipped with:

  • 2 monitors 
  • 2 video cameras
  • An iPad and a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet for annotations 
  • 2 professional audio microphones

The studio requires an induction provided by the LX.lab Media Team prior to the first recording session.

two images: on the left, the monitor and camera setup in the studio, on the right a split screen video that can be created in the studio

The Multipurpose Studio

The Multipurpose Studio provides ample space and a range of customisable scenario options to film a variety of video productions. 

This studio is useful for:

  • Interviews and panel discussions – the space fits 1-3 people on the frame
  • Welcome videos
  • Productions that require standing scenarios and role plays for any type of content
a shot of the camera and background screen in the multipurpose studio.
The Multipurpose Studio setup.

This studio is equipped with:

  • 2 cameras
  • Soundproof walls
  • Professional lighting
  • Teleprompter for longer form content
  • Coloured backgrounds

Assistance will be provided by the LX.lab Media Team for the use of this space. Post production editing is normally required. You will be given all video files and assistance will be provided in the form of training and instructions for how to help you edit your own project in our Editing Suites.

The Editing Suite

The Editing Suite is useful for:

  • If you need more advanced editing softwares
  • If you need assistance for editing your videos

The studio iMacs include the following video editing softwares

  • iMovie 
  • Final Cut Pro X 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

The LX.lab Media team runs regular training sessions in some of the video editing programs that are available in the editing suite. Bookings are essential through the Media Production tile at Please remember to bring your video and audio project files on a USB hard drive as well as some headphones. We can also loan headphones if required.

How to book a studio

For all enquiries related to the booking and use of the studio spaces please submit a media production ticket via ServiceConnect. Our team will be in touch with you.